Mysore | The Work-in-Holiday outing in TAXI at COORG

by - December 20, 2017

Mysore to Coorg | Kodagu  

No travel agent is eager to provide the group plan for sight-seeing at COORG. The only option for a couple is either book a return-taxi for a full day or hop on the STATE bus. But buswala is not going to get you to viewing-places.

If someone wants to cover the Major destination, better leave by early morning, probably as early as | 8 am. We could only cover three points, since started by 12 pm. 
Travelling time from Mysore is about three hours | one side. 
Might be slightly cold in the early morning or late night, but sunshine is not bearable at DAY.

The Buddhist Golden Temple

The dragon type structure of Gold, NO NO, the photo of Dalia Lama is very much the Highlight of the Temple.
The Lots of SPA, although closed, Mandir, & Dalai people are the KEY here.
The inbuilt small market, study center & Dharamshala, of course, courtsy by Dalai Lama.

The Jungle Adventure 
The adventure park starts from the JHULA Bridge with a nominal fee.
You could see the LOTs of FISHes from the bridge but can not go nearby, SO SAD.
This park is look alike real Jungle, picnic spot is better named for it for CHILDREN.

The Dubare Elephant Champ
The Kaveri riverfront spot has too many tourists, as it belongs to Adult Adventure.
Though they provide RAFTing service, we considered it BOATing as no adventurous FLOW of water and the distance is less than 800 meter. 
Might be at the time of Monsoon, when the distance would go beyond more than 8 KM, people could Enjoy the skillful campaign with Life thriving RAPID & ULTA PALTI of BOAT.
BUT BUT, you could take a swim, no crocodile, not too deep, DO bring some spare Tshirt, Shorts & Towel if your really WANA spend quality time, BUT STAY AWAY FROM DHOOP.       

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