Mysore The OLD Palace & Vrindawan GREENS Garden

by - December 16, 2017

Bangalore to Mysore 

Easy to reach here from Bangalore Satelite Bus Stand in probably 3.5 Hours. 
Plenty of BUS services are available in every 15 Minute, Luxury to State-run (under Rs.150).
YOU could easily book a DAY Tour less than 300 ROKDA for mysore sightseeing, of course on SHARE BASIS, or 1000 for CABs for couples.
Good Hotels rooms are easily available from 500 to 1200 per night, single to couple.
Only Auto or CABs, local buses are there but you cant understand route in a couple of days.   

Mysore Palace - The City's GEMs

It is the real royal Palace and would have been really beautiful & charming at its inception. Now only the remembrance & legacy of such Royal Raja has been placed in pictures & museum and visitors [INCLUDING STREET DOGS] comes in large to get a beautiful heritage sightseeing. 

It is really massive PLACE & the vast open area with a few green gardens MAKES it really big landscape.
It's too hot in the day, so better visit on a late evening or have your SUNGLASS and TOPI ON.

Church Place - The Twins

Located in the GOLE CHAKKAR, the Church ground is picnic spot for school children.
It has a convent school placed on its premises and a cave around the mini garden.
One could spend half an hour in there to capture the PHOTOshoot of structure and enjoy with locality children.   

Vrindavan Gardens - The Greens Wings at DAM 

It is quite a distance from the main city to reach this destination.
The Tourwala certainly take you this place on EVE, and really it is the best time to visit as at 6.30 onwards you also get a chance to see MUSICAL FOUNTAIN SHOW.
This is full green garden with multiple fountains, maintained nicely, on a cloudy/rainy day the scenery could be at its best.
It has 2 wings and a lake between them as a bisector, YO, one can also try boating here.  

You can also visit the OutSkirt market on way to the parking stand.
Mostly, eatables, clothes, ladies items are on sales at footpath stand.
As a couple, it's best EVEing Date before late-night Dinner & copulation, SO DO ENJOY THE PLACE WITH YOUR COSY TOUCH.

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