Bangalore CITI | The Solo adventure in Little Time

by - December 14, 2017

Bangalore - The Southern Metropolitan City

It is never an easy task to travel alone in southern states of India if you are native to the north. Language, food, and weather might be slightly different, but it's all manageable by JUGAAD.  It's not as heavy traffic compares to Delhi, but the availability of metro make distance cover in less time. Might have lots of places, but the following were covered in single DAY.

😎Temperature: Moderate, under 30 around the year, less rainfall.
😋Food: Quite fine, don't compare with DELHI, please. 
😘Culture: Perhaps Cleaner City, roads are not WIDE, few FLYROADs, no Hand Rikshaw only auto or cabs, Nightlife seems happening.
🤓People: Helpful, less LUTERY, do understand HINDI.      

Ulsoor Lake is not worthy to visit, might be good in monsoon season, no metro connectivity either.

Cubbon Park & nearby - Toy Train, Children Park, Picnik HUNT, Park for LOVERs, Time Pass but not alike Buddha Garden kinda CHIPKA-CHIPKI, less crowdy & messy. 
Connectivity - Metro, Auto, Bus.

ISKCON Temple - TRADE Mark for Krishna Stylish of South, HUGE and full of grandeur. Long queue on weekend, BIG Golden decorated Idols inside. Short pants might be not feasible to wear in southern India temple or all ISKCON branded one. 

Facilities: Paid puja, sit & listen to bhajan, dharmic literature available in multiple lingoes, canteen, food court, free PRASAD, indoor sale counters for sweets, cultural clothes, pictures, frames, memo and so on.   

The Hanuman Temple also have a good glimpse from the Mahalaxmi Metro station, and inside the big black monkey idols of Bajrang is adorable too.

SHIVTemple, The Masjid were nearby satellite Bus Terminal,  AND Church on road was WAY TO MYSORE..... to be continued....🙏💖🙏

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