शिमला | The offbeat adventure story at ALAG ALAG places

by - November 22, 2017

Travel of offbeat Areas between NH1 to Shimla 😚 

Location : Divine Star Dhabha, budgeted place at NH-1
Eateries : Breakfast, Snacks, lunch & dinner
Rating : 3Star, with Parking & WC

It's the morning, and the Dhaba where the sandwich, bread-omelet, PARANTHA gulped by us, although missed the white MAAKHAN, but the breakfast was quite GOOD enough. 

Some particular area were dedicated & seems to be reserved for kids only, but whose going stop us to take selfie at the that kinder-garden. 😁😁

The place had indoor AC-vented area for your eating desires, preferably for ELITE customers, but KHAAT also were placed there for under-privileged like US. 😆

Location: Shiv Mandir, Patta Mod, Kalka-Shimla Road

Randomly stopped there and found the MANDIR just corner of the road while going towards Shimla. Quite a solace place, not a single individual, and even did not find any Pujari there, might be due to late morning. 😥

One could find these type of MINI temple in any Big city quite easily but with lots of tussle-wala crowd. However, it was not a high decorated piece of work, but simple, peaceful attractive, might be because of tranquilize environment with surrounded of amazing hills and green TREES. 😎😎

Named as Shiv MANDIR, however, most of eminent idols of other deities were also maintained with proper SHRINGAR items. 😋    

Location : Shri SiddhBaba, BalakNath Mandir, Kalka Shimla Track

This temple is also on Highway, and you need to use the track and lots of step to reach out it. Not a very beautiful, but the scenery, the surrounding of green garden besides the pathway was NICE. Some of the places of Mandir are restricted for ladies, due to some old PRAMPARA or as per Peeth Logic. 🤤🤤

Bhabhoot and prasaad items we got this time from the AGHORI sadhu which just came by from the adjoining Dharmshala. He even show his courtesy and offered us CHAI, but we better got down to see the view of rail-track between the hills. The bridge made with old red bricks also gave feel of British Raaj. 🙃

Slightly ahead a small tunnel of shimla kalka track was quite good for adventures photography. Soon we got there for some shoot-out, realizing the best place of camera click click but then other road hunters especially LAFADEY GROUP joined us soon to disturb our Privacy in public place. 🤐🤐

The track with background of green mountain, do give you panoramic view, it's a beautiful halt for short sight-seeing & connecting with highway pleasure. 🤙

💔🌟 फिर मिलते हैं ⭐🌟💔

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