Album | Capturing Prem Mandir at Vrindavan in Sunny Day

by - November 07, 2017

We have heard lots of tales, the stories of Legendary Lord Krishna, and his love for Mathura, also being considered his birthplace. And it is a nice place of palaces, and major divine Mandirs no matter small or biggy. 🙌

The pictures of Prem Mandir are far easy to capture, its grandeur really magnificent, the greens, sculptures designed, landscaping also gives you feeling divine peace for your eyes. There are several others mandirs to visit in the city of Mathura but due to security concerns, camera and mobile phones are not at all allowed to take the snapshot while one is paying visits. 😲    

1. The gopiyan with the matki sitting on rocks, a standing pose which includes us as quite visitors. 🤓

2. Some great white marble stone buildings behind the scenes with the family pose. It is a huge veranda like as a playground, lots of god & goddess ideals at inner sanctum. The lady of house capturing the pics, instead of having in frame herself. 😜

3. However, distance selfie with a modified camera shot where crowd emerging from the background, a necessity to glance at. 😍

4. Lots of greenery with planned structure showing the stories related to the childhood of Kanha and his play around with friends, killing and pardoning of demons, demigods etc. 😃

5. Huge side-peak with a grace of the first lady on sari, it is lucky to get pictures without having the lots of people behind your back and making it less good looking. 🙋

6. Ma, with having background depicting the life of ancient gopi, gwala and enjoying, singing and dancing the saga of Lord Krishna

7. The three, posing with candy camera is the next best photo of this album. 😆

8. Its again the leading lady helping the other people to board the Car for a safe journey to home after the short spell of rain at Mathura Cantt. Although seems reluctant to help other and priorities herself to make her sari clean from the road dust. 😎

9. We mama-bhanji, best in taking a selfie, making other co-yatri, look less relevant at least this time. 🙏


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