The Cafeteria Lunch a new perk from Corporate India

by - October 04, 2017

It's posted two pm and you are still at your desktop working on some reports, and your college asks you from yours back!!!

Bhai Lunch Nahi Karna kya ?? ๐Ÿก๐Ÿก

Of course yaar, just give me five more minutes, and buddy if I get late, please tell pantry boy to stock food for me! You finally finish your task and start eating the food arranged by your office cafeteria staff. You say thank god to the company at least they are offering service of lunch at minimal price and the amazing part is that it’s delicious quality food. But the facility of the canteen in the big city has emerged largely in last decades due to globalization and opening of offices of foreign companies in India. The major industry player has not just modified their modus operandi but adopt the videsi culture which includes the set-up provision of the cafeteria in a modern office.    

However, this fringe benefit is not new in Indian corporate, possibly started long years ago mainly in manufacturing & service industry where workers used for bulk production. Central & state government establishments, PSU, publishing houses, railways, and arm forces do have the canteen facilities for the staffs since centuries. Also in the history of different culture, the mass food offering to laborers was common, mainly to save the time and cost. However, since 2000 onward, popping of call center in tire one city in India made this canteen culture more popular due to odd hours shift.

Since the start of the FDIs in last decades, spreading of multinationals in the Indian market has begun smoothly and thus also provided business momentum to locals’ service sector giants. The major capital investment was involved in service sector although other industry too nurtured a lot due to international financial assistance and their business models. This started a new business model which has huge corporate buildings, equipped with all modern facilities, gardens, recreation center, gym and modern cafeteria etc etc., better known as smart office culture.

Almost every IT Hubs equipped with the smart office in all tier-A city which offers free food or charges very nominal rate. Other industry also started to join the league in a big city and it has become a trend to facilitate the employee with buffet station. This includes the meals, snacks, soft drinks and other eateries in a nominal amount.  

Certainly, it has benefited a lot to both parties, the employee, and employers. The employer reputation or goodwill has definitely increased with these added facilities offered to staff and employee also feel relieved since their daily tiffin problem is sorted out. Since it’s a contract based service and so many vendors are available in the market, the financial cost is not very high for the company. The staff also have the advantage to taste of multi-cuisine in every day as in most cases variable menu food is served on the daily basis.

Be it north or south Indian, Chinese or non-vegetarian all type of food is served to the employee and some cases Navratri vrat special thali is also arranged for pure veggie lovers in big corporate houses cafeteria. Custom food is also available in a various festive occasion like Holi, Diwali, Eid or Xmax so office worker could enjoy the distinctive meals and celebrate the best at the office gathering.     

But now in most of the cases, free meal service has rapidly gone down. Some employers provide the paid coupons other might charge on monthly basis from the staff but still, it has less costly compared to the open market. It is still optional in some companies where staff believe in homemade lunch only but might be a mandatory deduction in others corporate organization.

In fact, there are people who still use to take their own meal for lunch as they never like the taste of bahar ka but people with nuclear family and youngster from other states have no choice to use this facility. Of course, the taste is never perfect but the vendors do their best to provide classy food as the end of the day they also doing business for their daily Meal.

Do you also believe that it's a good gesture by the employer and it is really added benefit for employee OR you still prefer a meal of your home? Tell US! ✍

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