Pandav Fall | The Historic Caves & Lake at Jungle of Panna

by - October 17, 2017

Pandav Falls | Panna | Madhya Pradesh

This is part of Panna Tiger Reserve, one could easily walk around to Pandav falls, it is just about 600 meter away from the main gate unless you are a laat saab or don’t bother to pay entry fees of your luxury vehicle. From the parking stand, the cemented stairs have been made with side railing for safety & easy access to the lake. 😉😎

The Pandav falls known for historic visit of Pandav at the time of their exile from Indraprasth. It has a small lake being made by the natural streaming water. It has few caves, as usual some is inaccessible due to darkness and untidiness. Due to rainy season, the outer tracks was also muddy & slippery, but the location was awesome and full of lovey-dovey nature. 😊😍

However no one is allowed to get close to the stream, some enthusiastic young lads were very keen to touch the running water and surprisingly climbed off from the railing and reached that fall. Though it was not as dangerous, but risky enough if anybody slips away could get hurt themselves. Although, sooner they were summoned back by local guide with hi-pitched whistle sound. 😖😲 

Though you cannot swim and dive on the lake either but could sit and make poses for your Album of Travel. Still, you want to have a feeling of tip tip barsa bani, it has all season drizzling fall from the top of the hills and one can get themselves drenched easily. However, visitors did not get wet unlike us but was getting their plastic bottle filled up with streaming water running from the high rocks. 🤕👇

While in upstairs through pathways, the stone idols were stored might be representing the Pandav & Panchali with Vishnu & other Gods. Was not beautiful but looked very rustic. No, puja samgri was available otherwise could light up some agarbati or diya… before leaving the PANDAV FALLS!! 🔚

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