Top five Social Networking and we Indians

by - September 07, 2017

In nineties, if we would get late, our girlfriends had no option but to wait for us at coffee home, until we would reach for her, off course, had to convince her with sweet talk for next hour or so!

But today, sala, until you land up at meeting point, mostly malls or restro, you would get numerous calls(earlier missed, JIO impact) or whatsapp message, and by any reason, if you gets late, or couldn't pick her calls or ain't reply her message, bhaiya forget ki you ever had any girlfriend. Hi-tech beda gark!!

Lets take another example of same period....

You finally gets a call from big firm and your interview is scheduled at sharp ten am. You make your appearance on time and are well prepared for face to face discussion with employer, really remarkable, nahi?  Hold on, despite all preparation, suddenly, you are asked to submit your résumé. WTF? your hunt starts, get all other documents in folder, but not your CV?? Grrr.... ja beta fir DTC ke dhakkey Kha.

But have already so many online profiles available till you go for first interview, and even interviewer can find more about you on their mobile instead of piece of résumé you provide him to look over.

Too far we have gone since nineties with rise of internet services, communications, web socialization and so on... what would be the next level?.... unpredictable?? may be totally virtual.  

Other than google, wiki, yahoo, we have so many social connectivity, which is leading us to new era, and due to significant growth of MOBILE internet, easy accessibility, India and Indian also getting used to them, but how....lets understand the top five of them.

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