Raneh Falls | The breathtaking beauty of Nature on Monsoon

by - September 12, 2017

Continuation to our Journey, we finished our Khajuraho temple visit before nine am. Most of the local restaurant staff were still busy on morning arrangements & were not ready to serve, we then tried to have chai samosas at tea stall next to our hotel room. While we were praising the taste of samosa chutney the Chaiwala told us about the beauty of Renah falls, so instead of visiting remaining temples at Khajuraho, we detoured to Renah falls.  It was around 50 km journey with rolling coaster roads, deserted greenfield and surrounded by small villages.

We even noticed few tourist either going through rented scooty or local phatphatiya

We paid around 500 rupee for entry pass, including vehicle permit & mandatory guide fee. Although it's a small place glitter of granite and view of natural waterfall made the locations astonishing. We also saw air blowing from volcano across the river but no crossing bridge was within the reach for closure look, also railing was put in place for safety to stop tourist to go nearby streaming water.

Who thought we could only see the biggy granite stone at Discovery Channel but this was live and natural for us. For honeymoon couple its place of "romance in monsoon", landscape is so seductive, encourage couple to sit for hours and capture the lovey-dovey scenes on digital camera.

Due to the rainy season, the stream was very furious although season had less downpour. We still found waterlogged in such place and clicked most of it, OKies we were not on honeymoon, but never lose change to have cosy moment in CAMERA

Sach main MP Gazab hai... Kahin Kahin to too much Gazab HAI !! 

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