Look How NCR people routine up

by - September 15, 2017

Look how NCR people routine up

In the yug of fast & furious speedy cars, affordable shuttles, conveniences of the metro, we still lost our keemti time on commuting to our journey. And those who travel to Noida, Gurgaon have more pain in the neck as they need to take the local auto for exteriors where metro is inaccessible. Now some traveler loves taking their car on Saturday as they encounter less traffic on road instead of weekdays. Does this challenge is new or citizens used to face these plight even in satyug, hell no. Or it's just a load of humans in metro cities which claim to be the main cause of this mess or things is totally manageable, but we just need dhakaad approach. But hume kya, we have to reach to our various destinations or offices in time no matter which way of travel means we use, otherwise ready to called late comers or hear bhai suhaagraat pe pahuchega kya !!!  

Perhaps 15 years back mostly DTC & Chartered buses were the regular sources of transportation in NCT of the general public as affording a car was like a day dreams in such days. People even have seen the days when they used to chase the bus as marathon player, just to grasp the door handle and would feel cherish if they finish one-way journey to office on single feet hanging at doorstep.  

After the disastrous experiment of Red Line model lately, it's the compulsion of the establishment to focus more on Metro, AC buses, cluster services with modern facilities. Later, Commonwealth games also pave the way to faster the infrastructure of the city to comfortable ride Dehlities. But sooner the mushrooming of private cars, motorcycles, and now scooty & battery rickshow has stalled us again.

Major Transport Alternatives

The percentage, more than fifty, of personal cars, bikes for office use is gone up so rapidly thanks to EMI Devta and affordable CNG Kits. Carpooling as alternative people has start looking at but the attitude problems has blocked this majorly.  

A best alternative to all modes, and more than 20 lakh approx people traveled daily by its. Safety, the clean-one, time saver, dhak-mukki, seat-fighting, loud earphones, body odour, silent farting, and lovely faces are common traits of Metro. 

DTC is last resort, mainly used by lower middle class and people who traveled shorter distance,  it's sill the economical. Certain group of company do ply shuttle to their employee via cab, chartered or mini force traveler.

Overview of Alternatives

Now owning a vehicle is pretty easy, so every individual who can afford use a personal car to travel, feel much comfortable, and relief. And the ladies with scooty, and macho-man with pressure horn bullet are the new brand ambassador of corporate office-goers.

No doubt metro has raised the standard of Delhi also separate ladies couch, CRPF security, updating ticketing facilities and adding new route yearly making the commuter life easy. Although no concession policy is setback to reservation class.

The public has shown less interest in DTC even they are equipped with AC, Auto door lock, digital ticketing facilities. Reason varies to untrained & uneducated staff, filthy atmosphere, traffic congestion, & safety issue with co-passengers.

So which mode of transport you prefer while in day to day travel? please revert us back on comment section below....!!
1. Own, 2, Metro, 3.Local Bus or 4.Others, please specify.

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