KBC the Aspiration of Middle Class people in India

by - September 05, 2017

Deviyo or Sajjano, Aapka Swagat hai !!
Computer mahasyey Tala laga diya jaye !
Shant ho jayiye tukur tukur, tik taak jee!
Main Amitabh Bachhan bol raha hu ! 

AND SO MANY ! Like panchkoti, saptkoti..etc etc are just not a simple phrases or fantasy lines but few notable dialogues from reality show of Indian television. Yes, we are talking about the Kaun Banega Crorepati. And its 9th season now on the Soni Channel and yet again presented by Mr. Amitab Bachchan, who is not getting old soon like his co-actress Ms Rekha.

Well it was started in 2000 and since then its a popular show for almost every aspiring Indian and people certainly devote their precious time to get selected for hot seat, if their LUCK permits. In fact there are thousands of people who keeps on trying since the first episode was telecast, and until every new season starts, pahunch ke dum lengey.

A very few contestant were fortunate enough to reach upto finale question and two of them jointly got the bumper jackpot of rupees seven crore in the history of this game. Although the format is pretty straight & simple and you need to answer less then 15(may very) questions to win the bonanza but such coincidence of knowing every answer are very impossible and happens only once in a blue moon. Game format do offers few life line support to contestants in different level to maximize their chance of winning and also give the opportunity to quit the show if they don't know the right answer with prize money they earned.

After initial two season hosted by Mr Bachchan third was allotted to Mr Shahrukh Khan aka King Khan but he could not keep alive the audience expectations and show ki luitya dubo dee. However from the forth season onward Mr. Bachchan has been anchoring the program and quite confidently attracting millions of spectators in his show, fir laaj rakh lee.

This show massively increased the sale of general knowledge books and at times people started practicing Q&A quiz in home, offices or public gathering to enhance their gyan, if by any chance they become the chosen one, they don't get blank while answering the random questions in KBC.

Not only the audience were principal beneficiary of the show, but Mr Big B also has gained lots of popularity from this show other than moti financial deal.

The show is all about entertainment and let the people jump to win jackpot but at times it organize special screening for celebrity guests, mostly mumbiya star or sports maharathi as contestants, to do ek panth do kaaj. One hand to make the audience amusement continue with presence of renown superstars in the show and other hand to promote humanitarian objective by donating the whole prize money to help various cause or movement.

To bhiya ghumwo fone, make an effort, might be your heyday nearby and saptkoti could be yours! Nahi, then watch the show its entertaining enough and also make you feel good to see other peoples' smile once they walk away with the windfall of lifetime at KBC!

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