Working late | Corporate culture or just a myth

by - August 30, 2017

Working after late hours !! 

Did you come late today? No.
Overload? must have joined office after long Holiday? No..

Helping your colleagues? good !! No...
Ordering stuff form online ! No.....

Oh, madam coming, late night movie, eh !!, Nahi Yaar .....

Then why you still sitting at your desktop gadhawu?

This the story of almost every other individuals in their job. But is this situation really exist? or just a made up in Indian corporate house?

I might be wrong, hypothetically giving some non-rhetoric analysis and explanations for this late sitting bimaari.

People of top management has a tendency to schedule meeting with HODs in late evening. In such closed door gathering tactical decisions generally postponed and mostly bakchodis waste long hours of standby staff. By and large this conference probably scheduled once in months, but weekly meets like this could danger daily routine. involved - major department!

Some employee waste away precious working hours in greetings, gossiping in cafeteria, habitually flirting with females and only believed in yes boss mantra. They only start working in late hours to show off productivity to their seniors. These people have mastery in speaking and they never leave office until their godfather rooms light is off. involved - sifarishi chamchey!

At times when new projects launch, sales hits record, or restructuring of system is implemented, pressure certainly comes to subordinate for clearing the overload by sitting late for every now and then. But if not objected, this rescheduling might becomes practice. involved - skeleton staff!

Not prioritized your task and situations has deteriorated? Now sitting late to finish the assignment before the deadline finish. Individual who principally delays duty for another day and not follow tat, ends up to work behind usual time. involved - lazy staff!  

People of major cities in the world travel daily by their own to reach offices but traffic jams are jee ka janjaal for them. To avoid hectic clutch-break exercise in peek hours, few employees intentionally stay remain in the office and wait for slow down. involved - unmarried!

You might have different reasons for staying late, if so share them and be connected!

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