Snowscape of Aulli | Uttarakhand | Travel Diary 2017

by - August 04, 2017

In the month of February the cold in Delhi is dips down slowly but snow at hill area still continue to fall. It also has been a talking point between our team to plan a tour and to see snowfall at hills. A team mate of ours recommended and 'boasted a lot' the place called Aulli, where he visited last year. So after finalizing the destination we four vellas decided to travel by our own car. Interestingly we had three driver however only me who handled the steering in hill area and rest of two took the charge in planes to cover more than 1000 km of aana-jaana!

Started our journey around at four o'clock evening from Noida, but as we reached at juncture of Mohan Nagar found massive traffic there. However, soon we got as far as Raj Nagar extension, we thought of filling our boot with bottle of drinking water, chips, snacks, soft drinks etc but excluded any hard drink as no one was asking for. Once we reached the main highway we swapped steering till we approached to Punjabi dhaba for our dinner session. It was a recently operated upscale eating house with varieties of standards food items availability but unexpectedly charged under priced. Impressive!

Around 12 am we were able to reach at Haridwar, and after quite a search got hotel room adjoining to main highway. Although accommodation was good enough for four person but honking of passing through vehicles definitely disturbed our sleep all night. We checked out early morning, didn't even take holy dip in Ganga and reached Rishikesh directly for our breakfast. From here the range of Uttarakhand mountains actually started and the views of greenery, waterscape of streaming ganga was irresistible. And to capture such vivid moments we often stopped by, but never felt gratified. more Clicks clicks !!

The season of state election, road shows, and obstruction of multiple barriers made a full day long journey for us. To have some relaxing time we made a stop at pathway tea stall somewhere after Nandprayag. After finishing tea, we resumed our journey and just reached about five kilometer ahead but noticed a long queue of vehicles stuck in traffic jam. Not a single one was moving an inch as big piece of rock was fallen down from the cliff on the main highway half an hour ago. The road maintenance staff were struggling to break it through JCB so finally made dynamite available for blasting the rock. This whole exercises of clearing the mess and normalize the traffic situation took almost two hours. Bad Luck !!

It was already dark when we kicked off again and about one hour later made our next stop at Chamoli for dinner. While having our dinner we asked service boy if he could suggest any lodging? He did talk to someone regarding arrangement and provide us number of his source. We called the gentleman about our night stay but learnt that only single room was available with no extra bed. It was almost nine thirty, and Aulli was still 60 km far away. We thought about finding hotel in the way but very soon thrashed out any idea of stopping before Joshimath. Chale Chalo !!

Before reaching Joshimath, it was pitch dark jungle on the way and once could feel the shivering of fear while driving alone at night. Around 12 am we entered in city and it was mute and dark. By somehow we managed to find a hotel room for us, it was rustic, but what a dead tired person need, a bed and we GOT IT for Rs.400 only for night!! Sleeping Time !!

After early breakfast we got ready to take first ride of cable car to reach Aully from Joshimath. Though trolley was fully occupied, but It was quite a joyride for us and watching snowscape in the bright sunshine from moving car was astonishing. We did not desire to do any skating so only rented commando boot for walking aur doing masti in snow. In small canteen we ate magi and hot tea with parle-g pack of biscuits as hardly any another option was available for us. It was peaceful, romantic and sports centric place with only number of crowds. I definitely missed my wife presence their and could only romanticize the feeling of love. Missing Mrs !!

After spending almost two hours of snowmasti, sliding, jumping and a bit of tube-sliding sports we finally returned back to Joshimath from where we drove home. Tata Aulli !

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