Job Change | Expectations and doubt of new employee

by - August 25, 2017

Since the first day of joining any new organisation after getting selected through interview or referred by some our apprehensions or insecurities are mostly the same no matter how much due diligence we have done.

Lets discuss top of them!!

This is the main reason we do a job! But today no surety for getting timely credit in bank account, especially if your industry is real estate. Reason might be anything to cash crunch, no sales, over staffing, or management goofs etc etc.
Just hope for Best!

Certainly this question makes most team member worried in any field of work. But, you better concentrate to your work instead of making him/her happy all the time. And by any change if you get the your perfect boss??!
Well Good Luck then! 

It’s a phenomena to hand over every task to new joinee? Although, its good to learn the modus operandi through it, but over doing could hamper your main KRA!!
Help is good but draw lakshman rekha!

How would be new colleagues, how would be their reactions, behavior? Nothing to worry, gradually all going to accept you, however don't boast about your credential, your work itself would prove it.
Enjoy honeymoon period!

Many establishment have a strict working hours and they don't appreciate any late sitting. But in the lala type firm, urgent works start only after the end of regulation time. Be punctual from day one.
Don't ask anyone just leave on time.
Make your decision!

Would this time I would be rewarded?  Surely, if you have any godfather otherwise its purely luck and efforts. For luck you can't do anything but your hard work, dedication and skills could do wonders. 
So Lagey Raho!

After joining the new organization and spending time with it, we start comparing the office environment, work culture, facilities, staff etc., with old one. Decision was right? It’s depends upon individual's priorities as some might be interested only in high payout, whether others are satisfied working with their dream company. 
Choice only Yours!

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