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by - August 28, 2017

I don't really remember how many interviews I have attended in my career so far and most of time never received call back from the HR. Well it was only few times when I was fortunate enough being called again for meeting with next level personnel but the result as usual been negative. Sooner my failure percentage have been touched to ninety five and success rate decreased to single digit only.

At times I could not realize, what wrong I did being not selected in such interviews?  And there were no equipment available to analyze the reason for my rejection. But when I started interviewing people myself(very few) I found quite a some generic reason for rejection, although these might very in every other industry.

Its a major factor if you dress-up well and your personality is attractive, especially for women, your chances are really good for getting jobs in sales, marketing and service department. Even, interviewer might ignore your subject knowledge if you have dynamic personality in most cases. Although be natural or your ambivalent attitude might be in question. impression - wins !!

I have never been a good speaker or hold any linguistic competence to impress the interviewer. Neither have had a command over English as compare to convent pass out scholars, not even till today. And when you are in customer relations like me, communication skills are must whether you are applying for front or back-end process. Simply speak the language you are comfortable with. speak well - always !!

If you want to change your job profile within industry, people do welcome it. But in most of cases businesses hardly accept non-trade professionals due to technical grounds. Exceptional cases are there but they are either referral, operational related or reserved for top positions only. Better change your line of work when you have attained desirable proficiency. be clever - enough !!

Sometime you could not relate the person you interviewing with the resume they submit. On paper there profile might appear so accomplished but when you actually meet them you really start scratching your head and figuring out what do with them. Make habit to update your resume accordance to your work history and try to limit your fancy writing. resume writing - correlate !! 

Without doubt your skills, expertise, and exceptional track records makes you prime contender for the job, but surely it does not entitled you to get the placements, right! Have seen people got selected in just five minute interview, and there are others who have been tired to receive congratulation calls in years. Always do justice to your efforts and leave rest to future. fate - matters !!

Best of Luck for your Career - and Do write us back for our oversights if any!! share us too!

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