Gwalior fort - Palace of Monsoon Visit | Travel Diary 2017

by - August 18, 2017

This time too destination plan changed in the end as co traveler could not come along with us due to personal problem. We then proceeded our road journey as a couple only towards MP at evening of 11th Aug 2016.  Highway Alone 💏

This is third time we were going through Yamuna Expressway. Although we could escape by more than 100 km/hour but consistently kept driving under 80 as were enjoying the dawn view with shining lights of the Highway polls. And we even enjoyed the daal bhaat at sideways only once crossed the Jewer toll before turning to Mathura for night visit. Our saalejee where we were staying did not have their dinner till we reached and insisted us to eat another bite at local restro at 10 pm. Eating Again 😋

In the early morning we left for Gwalior after short stay. We could let them join with us but they already had booked their plan to somewhere else.  It was about three hours journey for us to reach fort after going by some kaccha pakka hill type inner road which ends to parking lot at middle of the Durgh. We thought Gwalior fort is alike red fort(Delhi) only, although it was like a huge village in it. Instead of going inside we decided to see the downtown view from ramp at parking lot. It was a cloudy weather and air blowing with tremendous speed making the scenery romantic for us with buzzing sound. Love in Air 😍

Gwalior fort is vigorous and giant with multiple palace in single campus. And if somebody have the ample time and weather is favorable one could even spend whole day within the fort enjoying the legacy. Amazing fort and most of the design and structure still intact although modification has been done but limited to routine maintenance. Lots of premises, palaces to visit but we entered only in Mansingh Palace, Zero point, and Saas Bahu Mandir as it was lots of heat in the air later on and we had to walk a lot to reach every destination. Walking Dead 😂

Initially crowd were nominal and mostly youngsters, couple and love birds sitting on the roof corner or under the trees. Families were reaching out later after lunch with kids and oldies. Small bhulbhuliyya was nice in Mansingh palace, but inner sanctum was too smelly, please have your fragrance ready for use whenever enter in the dark or secluded places. We ate alloo petty and had cold drink before we went to see the saas bahu Mandir which was extreme corner from Mansingh Place. We spent more the three hours on sight seeing at fort before turning our wheel to Jhansi. Gwalior fort Rocks 👍

Our Experience & Feedback
Highway excess from Delhi | 4**** | tiptop highway lots of toll though
Palaces and views | 4**** | full day visit
Eateries at fort | 3*** | snacks, cold drinks etc  
Facilities at fort | 4**** | water, WC, parking
need cleanness in sanctums  

-thanks to pawan & family-
traveler | sushil panthri & kiran budakoti   

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