Farzi Cafe | Mumbai Tadipaar Farewell Party | Dinning Diary 2017

by - August 01, 2017

| Well some of colleagues(mostly ex) from Suncity Projects including me had been planning about a long due get together and finally some of them agreed to meet at centralized destination of Connaught Place on mid-March. On schedule date, not all the invite were present and some of our good old pal gave as dhoka as usual, one of a young lady who also left due to some exigency made only six party-goer.

| Men were all on time but the shopping freak ladies got delayed again as were busy buying their unending almirah-bharo stuff. Finally all assembled at N-Block and proceeded to the Dominos although changed the venue to Farzi Cafe recommended by recent visitor as pizza-wala was full with bhukhaad crowd. Well we all were following the lady who proposed the venue, but she did not have clue about the location on this very day, so eventually google uncle helped us again.

| This farzi cafe really didn’t farzi at all, the taste of dishes was very rich & delicious, served with great plating par the quantity of food per plate was considerably not generous. Dishes menu/names, table arrangement had an impact of contemporary style and staffs’ diction was so modern ki we could not comprehend so communicated in Hinglish only. It was not a late night party as ladies to reach home as par their routine hence the drinkers swallowed last of their sip and great plates of items were consumed with gusto by rest of all. At the time of bill our all accounting background chalaak Ladies saved us for making extra payment of service charges levied by restro staff.

| The party concluded with the gift handover to over beloved moti Lady ‘Miss Aggarwal’ who declared a tadipaar since was relocating to Mumbai. Since then have been waiting for her arrival to delhi for next MEET as being a sponsor for the coming PARTY….!!

special thanks to | sarita, shivani, komal, ranjan & gopaljee
& | Swiggy | Nearby

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