Chaturbhuj Temples & Gems of Jhansi | Travel Diary 2017

by - August 22, 2017

We were moving ahead straight to Orachha from Gwalior fort but on the way we decided to stay at Jhansi where we had a Army jawan waiting for us. Jhansi is the place where my wife cousin brother has a posting and it was first time ever we visited him with his small family of wife and a gal kid. It was Independence day(Jai Bharat) week so we asked the couple to come along with us for state journey. But due to busy schedules only his wife and kid got ready to accompany us for further wheel safari. And after a short breakfast we all ready to launch our sightseeing at fort. Ready Packing 😙

Jhansi fort was not as big structure compare to Gwalior fort and was less crowdy. Its all about a few palaces and gardens surrounded by outside walls. A small and big metal cannon were also placed on the premises of fort. It has a radio broadcasting station inside and also a museum outside where once could find the various collection of historical items and accessories. wanna buy modern accessories! 😉

We certainly enjoyed the city view from the top of the terrace but the best part were the fun frolics of monkey whose presence were more then the actual tourists. No eating material were available but basic amenities and drinking water were duly arranged. There were a small chabutra where Lords Hanuman status were placed and we quickly put the tikka on our forehead before moving upwords to darshan of bigger Ganesh. Jai Ho 👍

Very soon we left the Jhansi for another place to visit at Orachha. After one hour journey we landed there and at small market we bought small packet of prasad item. We entered in the varanda parisar and it was fully crowded and wide range of bhakt were queued and seeking darshan of deities at inside the Temple. Jai Kanhya Laal Kee 🙏

Mandir was big and beautiful. It was well managed by staff and there were separate queue for men & women. Hundreds of devotee were present there but it just took half an hour to offer prasad to main deity at sanctum. But for getting your offering back you were supposed to buy through token which was 20 bucks for four ladoos. Sweets Muuh 😛

Adjoining to Mandir there was the historic chaturbhuj Temple which was bigger then the new one. However it was old buildings but the grandeur was still manifested and the circled stairs to reach to the top of chhajaa was a veerana type experience for us. Whenever I reaches such destination, always feels how could they make such a structure in ancient time. Marvelous 🤒

The view of opposite fort from the terrace of temple was quite visible. The same was across the road and well designed, peace of gems with river streaming outside the wall. A small garden was also situated other side of temple but it was full of beggars and personal puja offering were being performed by the pujari. Local desi street foods, sweets nurtured with pure desi ghee was available and memento also displayed for interested tourists. Buy Online 🤑

Jhansi fort | 3***
Chaturbhuj Mandir Premises | 4****
Roads & Amenities | 4****
food & sweets | 4****

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