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by - August 31, 2017

Khajuraho - Whenever I heard about it, pictures of Kamasutra would click in mind !! eh !! Not yours ??

It was always a dream desire to see actual sculpture of such images, we generally used to find in magazine, television, or in google!

So lets narrate our day journey to ancient Kamasutra Sculpture Nagri and see in real, this time !!

Orachha Exit
It was our third day of driving at Madhya Pradesh and we just finished our last tour of Orachha, covering about 500 km from Delhi. It was late afternoon and we already were behind for lunch break so finally halted ourselves at highway dhaba. It was theek-thaak type, but only the daal tadka had the taste, rest was just good for filling your tummy. done pet puja now move on, still to cover 170 km!!

Khajuraho Highway
It's late evening only when we made it to the highway destined for Khajuraho. We found Airport on the way but hardly any passengers were traveling, even roads were empty, off course due to off season. Although it was a less populated place but we could see the presence of best five star hotel accommodations and availability of multi nation cuisine restaurants, viz Korean, Italic. Discovered that its favorite destination for foreigners as famous for thousands of years old erotics sculpture, thurki videshi. We booked two different room in hotel situated at the end corner of the market at five hundred rupee each and settled down to relax for a while. aram time !!

Evening Stroll
It's already starting dark when we stepped out from hotel to main bazaar after evening shower. No, but it was just a small market compare to big city, had mostly lined up with low budget hotels, mini restaurants, street vendors and retail outlets. We straight away went to Shiv Mandir, which was opened, even at late hours. Temple had a quite sizable shivling statue in the sanctum, although inner hall was not big enough, but we made a parikrama quickly as only few devotee were present at that time. It was solid metallic piece and I never saw such a huge lingam till date, might be because, I hardly visit temples for prayers in routine. no bhakti !!

Dinner Talks
Very little outsider out there, yet bazaar was up for customer as usual, so to earn! This time we walked to the south Indian restro in the hope of hot coffee and delicious sambhar. We did not get our coffee as milk supply was on hold, but sambhar bada and aaloo puri was decent enough for good night nourishment. The old man, current owner of the restro chatted little bit with us, explaining about how this place been changed since 1967, when he joined his mamajee as helping hand. He told us about his life journey in short, and was very upset with local government for not sanctioning hospital for medical emergency in this region. We finished our eating and made the final bill payment to him, however he was sorry for not able to serve hot coffee to us. Later on we did have our coffee on the way to hotel at desi tea stall. dhasu Coffee !!

Temple of Khajuraho
At the early by 6.30 am, we all were set for our day visit to Khajuraho. The western group of temples were adjoining to the shiv temple, so after buying entry tickets in the morning we again went for this temple first, to see how its grandeur look in the morning. The morning was quite beautiful with full of dark clouds and we were among the early birds to enter in this grand green field. It was a spread through green landscape where multiple marvelous temples were made with sandstone belongs to different gods.

Here first you see the vishvnath temple, among the best in the series still exist. There were other seven or eight temples with different significant of their own in this area, must say beautifully crafted and persevered by times. We did find people here taking picture of amazing sculpture in different shape and angle with their hi-end digital camera. And they were doing justice saving these Indian Ancient Marvels in digital form for coming generation.

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