Tungnath Mandir | Uttrakhand | Travel Diary June 2017

by - July 26, 2017

It’s about three km steep uphill track to reach Tungnath Temple from Chopta on feet and if your laziness and fatigue stops you to do so, you could take a horse ride of around 1k rupee depends on your bargaining power or tour season. We were told that in winter people go back to their village as meadows fills up with snow, and temperature is reached to unbearable stage.

Journey (16th June, 2017)
Instead of taking horses' ride we decided to go as pedestrian and our trekking begins in wee hours at around 4 am with total number of five people with a kid. It was pitch dark at start but as soon as we hit the trail darkness disappeared pretty soon and glow of morning sun emerged on the horizon.
Although, it took us half an hour to reach midway and a much of energy level of our stamina lost its strength. And, even at midway we just found two other youngsters’ traveler as hardly anybody was interested to go at this early morning.  However, to regain our batteries we stopped by at tea stall for fifteen minute to have tea, maggi and other refreshments. And this short boost of tonic gave our body much needed energy and endurance to push hard ourselves for further march. With our drastic effort and determination, close to 7 am we able to approached to the destination of Tungnath.

Tungnath Temple
Small market welcomes you here before you reach the top of Tungnath Mandir, which is almost 200 meter above. Horse ride also ends here so passenger has to take walk up to temple. We bought smagri and entered the Holy Temple of Tungnath did our pooja and circled the place in bare foot. At the time of reaching this place, it quite was peaceful and pretty chilled, so we quickly took the pictures of the premises before the pilgrims start to fill in.      

Trekking was amazing, but certainly take almost 3 hours.
Meadows, scenery and track is awesome.
Tungnath temple place is historic peace of charm.



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