Summer Holiday in Uttrakhand | Travel Diary June 2017

by - July 28, 2017

Delhi to Sasuraal | 11th June 2017

Night Journey  
| This June the trip of Uttrakhand start from Kotdwar where the birthday party of my Saali was being celebrated in restaurant with close friends only. 

After closing party at midnight we proceed to the hometown village of my sasuraal in Kabra, Pauri hills with saali’s family. It was around two am when we reached there and found that one of the door was just only latched(common practice) from outside. Instead of disturbing our in-laws we broke into rooms and captured our beds, they only got to know about our surprise visit in the morning only when they found sweets & cake in fridge.  

Swimming Adventure
| The first day ladies were busy in bharat milaap with their family & friends and we were rather involved in planning of next day adventure in the backwoods of river, down the hills. Next day we paid early visit to small temple nearby before arriving at river bank where other friends were waiting for us with necessary supplies for our day out. While other were trying their luck in fishing meanwhile we got opportunity to take a dip in cold steaming water. However, we didn’t know nothing about swimming so we hesitated at the beginning to go under water but finally mustered our courage and stood on our feet as shallow water was no more than five foot deep.

More than two hours we were addicted to life of pleasure in water and even forgot that fellow member were looking for us as meal was all set. Daal-rice and curry made of fresh water fish with blend of desi ghee made a pure package of delicious menu for all of us.


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