My Small Balcony Garden | Delhi | June 2017

by - July 20, 2017

In my teenage days, my mother used to plant Tulsi, Gendha, Sadabahar, Morphanki and off course the seasonal vegetables in our terrace. We had several money plant climbers which were so long to cover our wide fences. Although I would hardly pay any heed or provide any helping hand to mother for care of greenery, that time, but would enjoy the flourish and little landscaping. Later we moved to another flat and lost our terrace, so we distributed those greens to friends & relatives and only few were left with us.

Rebuilding of mini Garden & Research 

After renovation and extension of Balcony in our flat, that was almost 7 years, we started again our plantation. I enhanced my knowledge about different type of indoor/outdoor, seasonal/perennials, climbers/creepers category and even asked help from friends and relative to get the plants on cheaper price. I visited several local Nursery in Delhi/NCR, did a quite research via google, pinterest, find site viz to get the idea of plant we can grow in pots.

Buying of plants & pots

I bought around hundred plus plants from various nursery located at Yamna Bank, Vaishali, Mehrauli, Panchkya road etc, and realized that instead of bulk buying go for five or six plant and let them grow. For pots, I went to Mehrauli road(opposite Qutab Minar metro station), since I have wide grilled area, I purchased lots of hanging metal pots, different shape and size of plastic pots for flat area and done a good deal after bargaining with vendor.
List of Nursery at Delhi/NCR - (

Further Growing  
Balcony Garden Delhi

Since this is first season of Monsoon for all the plants I have purchased, and hope they could survive to larger extend and would definitely share my experience with pictures soon again.

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