Mountaineering adventure of Chandrashila Peak | Travel Diary June 2017

by - July 27, 2017

Chandrashila Peak | Morning of 26th June 2016

| After visiting Tungnath temple, the team of six people breaks in four to climb mountain peak called Chandrashila. It was a wise decision to let the Baby and Mother return back to Chopta without hurrying instead of bringing them along as the trek was rough, broken and slightly narrow about 500 meter and sleepy steep uphill upto the top. In winters season this trek is not operational due to heavy snowfall, and even it was quite difficult for amateur people like us to climb it in summer.

| Atmosphere was cold and we were fully clothed but met shirtless foreigners guy in midway and they were fully enjoying weather and climbing like a runner. Also our two partners just disappeared as a perfect adventurer so we husband and wife sat a while for a short break to look a view of Death Valley and vast green meadows. We managed to reach at top in about one hours after covering somewhat one km rigorous distance from Tungnath.

| We knew it was just 4000 meter height from sea level but this was quite an achievement for us who hardly take single km walk in their daily office routine. A small temple at peak was locked for prayers, but we did ring approachable hanging bell and echoed the atmosphere. However it broke the silence at top and also interrupted an individual who was meditating all alone. Well, he stopped a bit but then continued his yog posture while we started our glancing tour of Chaukhamba, Kedaar hills and whitening Himalayas. We spent almost 20 odd minutes there and astonished by the beauty of Himalayas range and peace of the Chandrashila summit.

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