Trip to Narkanda | Himanchal Pradesh | Travel Diary July 2017

by - July 19, 2017

Getting at Narkanda

Almost seventy km far from Shimla, a small hill station, but inclusive of all basic amenities, even have petrol pump if your gas tank need refill. One may find crowed here on peak season, but people not ready to visit this place in rainy season due to obvious reasons, we hardly found reasonable tourist there.

Room available at cheap price starting from 500, but we ended up booking nice & 3 star facility couple accommodation in 1000 rupee only. Don't forget to bring some warm clothe as you may have difficulty with climate adjustment although we were roaming in t-shirts & shorts.

There is nothing especial out here except sceneric view, with sound and peaceful weather. You can find Narkanda Mandir on main Bazaar. If you are shopaholic this is not the right place as market is pretty small, but you could taste some Chinese or Punjabi food out here. Stay for a night and move ahead for new destination.

Early Morning to Nagdevta Mandir, Hattu Peak

We googled about nearby places to visit and found two nearby location within 14 KM range. We packed our bags, left the hotel and started our journey at seven to visit those destination, however, we took short halt at tea stall and had our morning tea with pakodas.

- Nagdevta Mandir, Tanjubbar Road, HP – This Shiv Mandir situated nearby small lake, which is surrounded by Devdaar and gardens of flowers, has awesome view. This peaceful point also have builtup ECO Garden, which has lots of greenery and different species of flora and fauna. For picnic lovers and couples, resorts is out there for enjoyment, and at peak there is panoramic view also for picture perfect moments. We clicked as much as pics we could with our mobile and took walk to nearby primary school, which gave us nostalgic feels.

- Hattu Peak and Temple – We were told that we could go there with our own vehicles. This track was furious and risky, gives you feel of Jungle, and believe or not if want to test your driving skill, go to this six km rough, steep mountain slope. I find myself lucky that no other car crossed us between, before we could reach at peak.

After heart thumping drive we found big beautiful secluded Mandir at top hill. Mandir was nicely built and maintained, with wooden façade. At Hattu peak, we missed most of panoramic scenery, since weather was mostly cloudy. We wait a bit, but it was bad luck for us, not to have a clear sky, might be we could have gone there at spring to have glance of perfect view. But we still spent quality time there all alone at top and at Mandir premises before we boarded to Shimla. Relaxing Time !! 🍹😜

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